Architectural Design of Visitors’ Facilities for Rock Carvings

The Community Project Workshop was commissioned by the Antiquity Monument Office (AMO) to conduct a research study and design pro­posal for the protection and visitor facilities at nine rock carvings and inscription sites. Nine ancient rock carvings and inscriptions are de­clared monuments. Through a careful study of the site and impact of building materials, the research team designed a series of feasible protection and visitors facilities for these monuments which present high historical and cultural significance without creating negative microclimate that might damage the ancient rocks. The nine rock carvings are situated at: Tung Lung Chau, Po Toi Island, Cheung Chau, Wong Chuk Hang, Big Wave Bay, Lung Ha Wan, Shek Pik, Joss House Bay, Kau Sai Chau. Before the research team participated in the project, four advisors of Antiquity Monument Office have conducted studies to these rock carvings. Critical issues such as micro-climate impacts to the rocks and design language of the protections were explored in the research process. The final design was presented to both the Antiquity Monument Office and the Antiquity Advisory Board and was accepted in March 2012.